Constant safety in additive manufacturing

New technological standard thanks to permanent surface filtration

In additive manufacturing of metallic materials more and more attention is being paid to safety aspects. In recent years, the further development of AM plant systems has focused primarily on optimizing core processes, the materials to be used and functionality. Currently, the focus is on maximum safety in handling the highly reactive materials and ensure sustainable operational consistency, especially in peripheral processes such as filtration and passivation technology.

The use of pure surface filtration with the Herding® Sinter-Plate Filter in combination with the safest consistent passivation and integration into the inert gas circuit of the systems offers an optimum solution.


Herding® Filtertechnik offers tailor-made and specifically developed filter unit designs from prototype to series production in order to increase productivity and safety on the basis of:

  • Gas-tight filter systems with the Herding® Sinter-Plate Filter
  • Automated passivation unit
  • Integrated vacuum generator
  • Autonomous control system
  • Individually adapted enclosure if necessary

All areas of additive manufacturing are covered, such as.

  • Metal powder production
  • Additive manufacturing of parts
  • Powder transport systems
  • Post processing of parts

Herding®Filter Elements
The heart of Herding technology is the filter medium, which is the ideal companion for additive manufacturing processes.

Operator benefits through the filter medium:

  • Pure surface filtration enables absolutely constant operating conditions
  • Minimum influence on the laminar flow
  • Highest separation efficiencies < 0.1 mg/m³ - Optimum protection of downstream units
  • Extremely long service life due to the properties of the rigid body medium
  • No filtration-related wear of the filter media

Only filter medium rated as DustExZoneBarrier according to VDI 2263, page 6 and 6.1