Herding filters in the cosmetics and hygiene industry

Herding dust extraction plants are widely used in the cosmetics sector and wherever special requirements are imposed on hygiene. They perform an outstanding role als bin vents, process filters, integrated filters or simple exhaust air filters in the recovery of products. As a member of EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) we arre not only able to manufacture the plants in stainless steel but can also adapt the surface finish and low-gap design to the particular rquirements.

The Herding plants can be used in the production of for example:

  • Aerosils
  • Ointment bases
  • Detergents and cleaning agents

Special properties and effects of the Herding® sinter plate filters:

  • A high rate of separation protects personnel and machinery
  • A high rate of material recovery results in maximum productivity
  • Long service life and low wear enhance safety and reduce spending on spare parts and servicing. No backup filter required in many cases
  • Constant operating conditions make sure that products with an extremely low specific weight are also reliably removed

Herding manufactures both the filter media and the filter plants, including complete systems. Productivity can therefore be drastically improved, regardless of whether the customer requires a new plant, a modernization or an upgrade.